Mission, Vision and Belief Statements

To build a community school that reflects a passion for learning and the arts for the students and adults of East Lake Academy.

Our Vision

To build a school community that reflects a passion for learning, technology, and the arts.


Mission Statement

To create a collaborative, respectful community that is ready to become productive stakeholders responsible for building a community that is influential, dynamic, innovative, and futuristic.


We believe that:

1. All students can learn and deserve a high quality instructional program.

2. Student character, abilities, talents and creativity are nurtured through academic, fine arts and technology programs.

3. Our faculty values collaboration, examination of teaching practice and continuous professional growth for the purpose of increasing student achievement.

4. The fine arts  and technology are vehicles for students to achieve academic goals and reach their individual potential.

5. Students are most successful in a safe and positive learning environment.

6. Each child deserves a quality education that includes high expectations, mutual respect, ownership of learning and empowerment.

7. Schooling, at its best, teaches relevant academic and social skills that encourage life-long learning.

8. Students learn best in a comprehensive learning community that includes school, parents, and the community.

9. Education is a profession, and educators should conduct themselves as professionals.

10. Children are at the center of everything we do, and our practice should reflect their best interest.

11.  Character is important and that schools can help shape a child's character. 

12.  Service to the community is important and it is essential in a democratic society.

13.  We believe in creating a collaborative professional learning network focused on improving student engagement, encouraging student responsibility and teaching through literacy-focused, problem-based learning units. 

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