Major Offences

We do not expect students to be involved in major offenses and hope that they will engage in productive behavior. Major offenses and possible consequences include:

Alcoholic Beverages: Long term suspension of up to one year

Arson: Long term suspension and SRO involvement

Assault/Battery aggravated assault: Long term suspension and SRO consultation

Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation: Intentional behavior towards a student or group of students whether directly, through a third party, or through the use of electronic devices or media, that places a student or groups of students in fear or creates a hostile educational environment. Long term suspension and SRO consultation

Gang Activity: Long term suspension and SRO consultation

Trespassing: Arrest after unlawful entry to school and or grounds.

Vandalism: Damaging or defacing property belonging to the school or another party may result in long-term suspension and restitution.

Weapons other than Firearms: Possession of a device capable of injury including clubs knives, etc.

Possession of Technology Devices: Prohibited at school and all school events including buses without the permission of the principal. Item is confiscated and returned only to parent at designated time.

1st – 10 calendar days, 2nd – 20 calendar days, 3rd – End of semester.


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