East Lake Academy charges a small fee to cover costs not covered by the Hamilton County Department of Education.

The school fee for the 2018-2019 school year is $25.00.The fee is used for postage, copying costs, computer consumables, and instructional supplies.

Art Fee (Crayons,Paint, Brushes, Art Paper, Pencils) $10.00
Athletic Fees (Basketball, Football, Cheerleading, Track, Volleyball, Etc) $40.00
Science ​(lab materials, consumables) $10.00
Band Fees (Music, Instrument Repairs, Performances) $50.00
Chorus Fees (Music, Chorus Supplies) $20.00
Gym Fees (Balls, Equipment, Worksheets) $20.00
Drama Fees (Production Materials) $20.00
Tech Fees (Replace broken parts, insurance)  $75.00
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