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Structure & Expectations

Schedule & Attendance

HCS at Home Student and Parent Orientation: Friday, August 14, 2020 


  • Students are expected to be in dress code for classes online

  • Students will actively participate in 7 hours of learning each day which includes Related Arts and lunch

  • Students will keep up with all assignments in each class and submit those assignments through CANVAS


  • Attendance will be taken daily through 2-way communication

  • To be considered present for class, the student cannot be more than 5 minutes late 

  • Each student is expected to follow their full day schedule. (i.e. if you have math for 1st block, you are expected to either interact on Zoom/Google Classroom or work on math work from 9am until 10am).

  • Students will participate in a mixture of live lessons, taped lessons, as well as independent work time for each class throughout the week

  • Students and Parents are required to attend an orientation. It will be available to students and parents in multiple formats, including:

  • Drive in video in school parking lot

  •  Town Hall meetings

  • School-based orientations (Zoom or in-person)

  • Orientation packets.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

SWPBS at Home

Sports and Extracurricular Activities


  • Make sure that your student(s) follow their school schedule from 9am until 4pm found on PowerSchool. 

  • Make sure work for each subject is completed daily

  • Make sure that phone numbers and contact information is up to date

  • Notify school personnel if there are any issues or questions right away 

Mrs. Mann– mann_frenzica@hcde.org

Ms. Seay– seay_desiree@hcde.org , 

Mrs. Bell– bell_vanessa@hcde.org

Ms. Hurst- hurst_seana@hcde.org


  • Students will be awarded points weekly based on attendance, work submitted,  and behavior during online courses

  • Students can still earn dress down passes based on their points

  • Other rewards may include door dash lunch

  • On Wednesdays, parents may participate in a drive through to pick up food between the hours of 9am-10am


  • Students in good standing with their school work may participate in sports and clubs at their home school.

  • Students must take the HCS Pledge to support HCS Healthy Behaviors.

    • When in the building students must wear a mask and maintain social distancing

    • Students must stay home if they are sick or have symptoms.

    • Students must abide by protocols for building entry and exit.

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