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About STEM Classes 

S T E M  Education

2016 – 2017


                                          6th grade         STEM Explorers

                                         7th grade         STEM Innovators

                                         8th grade         STEM Designers



STEM letters stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  STEM education involves using the science and mathematics our students have already learned and adding more of both as I introduce technology and engineering.

 By design, our STEM Laboratory is operated differently than most traditional classrooms.   Classes will learn the design process by exploring, inventing, engineering, and troubleshooting.

This year, middle school students will be doing problem solving activities based on the Engineering Design Process.  Each student will work through a series of directions to carry out specific instructions and end with a completed product or skill.  Students design, construct, illustrate, photograph, and/or record assignments, models, and/or projects.

Learning STEM includes application of what they have learned in reading, mathematics, science, history, and computers to solve problems, learn new techniques, and become familiar with state-of-the-art equipment.  It is my hope that our students will fully use this opportunity to increase not only their knowledge but also their wisdom in choosing a future career.


The futures of our STEM students begin today!


 Mrs. Omarkhail,

STEM Technology Teacher 

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