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8th Grade Language Arts
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8th Grade Language Arts


Bachelor of Arts in Education, 2005


Mrs. Young began teaching in 2005. Her first full-time classroom was right here at East Lake Academy of Fine Arts beginning in 2006, where she taught for three years. From there, her husband's job required them to move across the country so she's had the opportunity to teach in San Francisco, Seattle, and even on the Tulalip Indian Reservation just 80 miles from the Canadian border! She moved back to Chattanooga with her family in late 2012 and has been back at East Lake since 2013.

And by the way...she never plans to move again. Ever.


Mrs. Young was born here in Chattanooga in the ancient year of 1974. She attended Rivermont Elementary, Dupont Elementary, Big Ridge Elementary, East Ridge Elementary, Hixson Middle School, and Hixson High School. Yep, that's a lot of schools! Deep down she kind of always wanted to be a teacher, but if she's being completely honest it was totally because of the chalk.

You see, back then they had these really cool chalkboards and only teachers got to use the good chalk. Regular people didn't even know where to buy the good kind of chalk. It would make these silky smooth lines without the grit and it hardly ever broke! She really doesn't think it's fair though, by the time she grew up and became a teacher they had taken out all the chalkboards and put in whiteboards and started using icky, smelly whiteboard markers that get all over your hands.

That's okay though, because now she knows where to get the good chalk.

And yes, she has a chalkboard at home.

Also at home is a husband named Tim and two daughters, Savannah, who's a senior in high school, and Tabitha, who's now grown and in her very first apartment (eek!). Kassee the Australian Shepherd and Chloe the calico cat round out the Young family, and they even pretend to like each other every third full moon. Mr. Young is an extremely patient and tolerant man.